[ANSWERED] Do tags roll up to roll up region?


I have a rollup region that is rolling up multiple CloudForms regions into one consolidated region.

It appears that the tags on the virtual machines are not rolling up though. Is that supposed to be the case? Is there a way to make them roll up?

I am trying to run a report in the rollup region that depends on tags that are tagged down in the individual regions.

Blue Skies,


Tags should be replicating up. However, I believe you have to create the same tags in the master region. The UI code expects to show the local tags, however when it queries for reporting purposes it will query by name and then you’ll get the cross-region reporting.


@Fryguy, thanks for the response.

I tried manually creating the tag category and tags in that category in the roll up region and then looking at the VMs in the roll up region again and I was still not seeing the tags.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?


Turns out the tags are rolling up.

As Fryguy said you have to create the category to be able to run the reports.


Is this also working if you have the same tags in multiple regions? Lets say I have a tag category webserver in every region. Are the webservers tags going to get synced correctly to the rollup region? As the Regions themselves are not aware of the tags of the other regions and the tag id is probably not going to be the same?


@laudo I am a bit unclear on your question.

I do have the same tag category in multiple regions and different providers in those regions. All the VMs that are rolling up from the different regions are maintaining their tag and running a report in the seperate regions and adding the results gives me the same result as running the report once in the roll up region.

I believe there is no hidden “id” field. From my experience CFME uses the “tag name” as the unique identifier. So CFME is successfully using the same tag category in the roll up for all the separate regions. Though, as I said, you have to manually create the category in the roll up. But when you do then you can run reports successfully.

Hope that helps.