Azure Service Catalog Bundle



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Pls. is there any way how to create a catalog bundle for Catalog Items based on Azure Orchestration Templates? I would need to specify VM names and Azure Resource Group in a bundle dialog.




Azure Deployment Templates are supported in ManageIQ, in the same way as HEAT/Cloudformations which are documented here:


I have already created 3 catalog items for Azure VM creation. Now I would need to add these 3 items to 1 catalog bundle. I am not sure how to create a bundle dialog where I can specify resource group and VM names for these 3 bundled items.



In this case, you’ll need a single dialogue combining all the elements. Each element’s name should be prefixed with option_N, where N is the bundle item, so option_1 for the first and so on. Option_0 can be used for any common values, for example the resource group.

@pemcg has documented it nicely here:


Providing parameters values via option_N works but I have many others problems. Eg. I had to specified unique stack name for each Azure Item in a bundle. During a single Azure catalog item provisioning I assign a service and VM tags via / Cloud / Orchestration / Provisioning / StateMachines / Methods / postprovision method but if I use catalog bundle this method is omitted. How can I tag service and VM(s) in case that I order it via a bundle?

Have you already tested Catalog Bundle with Azure?



Tagging can be done in a similar fashion but using tag_N.