Controling access to buttons e.g. Power Button


I see that if I login as “super admin” I can see power on / off button for a given instance.

I created a role for provisioning, self service , or UI features ( “buttons” not in the list of things you can control there ).

For the role’s access restrictions I have “only user and group owned”.

I assing the role to a group and add users to the griup.

I log as that user and I can’t see the power on / off buttons.

the user and the instance have the same “provisoining scope” tags.

“by default” not allowed which is good, but now , how do I adjust ?

David Thornton

General Guidelines/Tips

You can control this kind of operations in the section “Access Rules for all Virtual Machines” in role settings.
It’s the last section in the list of options.



fantastic, thanks!