Dropdown menu ignores selection and passes default value



I selected t2.micro in a dropdown list, but it is using the default t2.medium value instead. Why isn’t it taking the value I select in the dropdown list?



Same here ;/

Trying to build simple service dialog with few dropdowns to set CPU/RAM and they just do not play ball - if I set the fields to ‘required: on’ I can not even submit the request - ‘field_name: is required’ error is displayed instead.

Any ideas?


I had issues in previous versions with values for CPU, RAM etc. being highlighted in red and being listed as required, despite a value for them being selected.

I upgraded to Gaprindashvili-3 and that particular issue no longer appears for me, though I am experiencing different issues with the UI now.


Yes, it seems that the issue has been resolved in gaprindashvili-3 but now deployment does not work at all - I can see VM being created but it’s not customized/powered on. Will open another thread to see if someone can help.