Dynamic fields and call API




We have an application who do API call to MIQ (Catalogs) and retrieve dynamic fields (for example vlan list). We work with Gaprindashvili-1 version. This works fine but we try with the version Gaprindashvili-7 and with the same API call, the dynamic fields wasn’t calculate.

The call we use is “/api/service_dialogs/2?expand=resources”. Normaly, we should have in dialog_fields something like : { “values”: [[“13”, “”], [“27”, “”]] }, but with the Gaprindashvili-7, nothing.

I saw that in Gaprindashvili-3, there was a refactor in dialog field. So now, how can retrieve dynamic field with API call ?



You can call Automate Methods via the /api/automation_requests Endpoint (Docu)