Getting ui-components updates backported to gaprindashvili



The gaprindashvili release is using ManageIQ/ui-components contrained to ~1.0.0.
The release uses lockfiles to lock to specific version, so simply releasing a new version will not automatically affect the release.

Therefore, to get ui-components changes to ui-classic, one needs to:

  • create a ui-components PR with the actual changes
  • make a release of a 1.0.* version happen, using the npm+bower process
  • create a ui-classic [GAPRINDASHVILI] PR which actually updates the version used

Releasing ui-components is described in, do take care to release the bower version correctly.

Creating the ui-classic PR should simply be a matter of:

# having run bin/update after switching the branch (or rm -rf vendor/assets/bower_components ; bower install ; yarn)
yarn run bower-locker unlock
bower install manageiq-ui-components
# check the right version got installed, check git diff looks sane
yarn run bower-locker lock

(after is merged).

EDIT: copied to for findability