How do I make CloudForms to send emails through gmail?



Hi, I’am trying to make CloudFroms to send email when a vm is provisioned. I have configured postfix to send email through (relay) Gmail and it worked now I have been trying to get Cloudforms to send the notifications to Gmail. I have copied /Infrastructure/VM/Provisioning/Email/MiqProvision_Complete into my domain and enabled the notifier role and now I am trying to get the appliance UI to send a test email but I couldn’t get it to work. Please I appreciate if someone can help me.


Does my SSL choice here has something to do with it? I mean how is it going to get the SSL cert ? And I did activate two-facor authentication for my gmail account and generated an app password which I’m using here for the password.


the problem was that I made two different password generated from gmail to be used for postfix and cloudforms. The fix is to use the same password as postfix