How to configure "cloud-init"


Hi good folks… In the downstream version, support for RHEV “cloud-init” was added recently. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for it… It was tracked under BZ#1052353. Has anyone done this before?




Hi Jon,

Documentation for this feature should be available soon. In the meantime I hope the following is helpful.

The cloud-init customization templates can be added/edited in the Infrastructure -> PXE area with the other customization templates.

Cloud-init templates are available during RHEV provisioning when the Provision Type field on the “Catalog” tab is set to “Native Clone”. For Cloud provisioning they are always available. The cloud-init templates appear on the “Customize” tab under the “Customize Template” section in the provision dialog.


Here is an example for one that i did a few months back:


CloudForms - Cloud-Init Script for Apache Installation

Kevin Morey, RHCE

Redhat Inc.


For troubleshooting check: /var/lib/cloud/instance/user-data.txt & /var/log/boot.log


Set Global Variables

root_password = evm[:root_password]
role = evm[:ws_values][:role] || evm[:role] rescue 'Web’
instance_name = evm[:vm_target_name]


Turn off SELinux

  • setenforce 0


Setup motd and root authorized keys

  • echo Welcome to Red Hat CloudForms <%=role%> Instance <%=instance_name%> > /etc/motd

Turn off firewall

  • echo “CloudForms - Turning off firewall”

  • chkconfig iptables off

  • service iptables stop

    Install Apache

  • echo “CloudForms - Installing apache”

  • yum -y install httpd wget

  • service httpd start

  • chkconfig httpd on

  • sed -i ‘s/

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux/

    Welcome to Red Hat CloudForms <%=role%> Instance <%=instance_name%>/’ /var/www/error/noindex.html


PXE! I think cloud-init is important enough to deservice it’s own place in the menu.


I agree with @deuscapturus. I have seen more integration happening with outside PXE servers/services than using the built-in PXE functionality in Cloudforms. I have seen the need for cloud-init on many occassions regardless if something was pxe booted or cloned. This really should be an outside of the PXE menu.


For more reference you can find some great cloud-init examples here:


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I thought some of you may have some insight. I’ve developed some cloud-init scripts that work great with standard AMI’s. However, using the official AMI’s provided by my company is an issue since cloud-init isn’t installed.

Is there a convention / capability available to automate (via ssh) the installation of CloudInit from the provision phase in CloudForms ?