How to force clone VM instead thin VM ( template dependance) RHV/cloudform


i’m a newbe and i have a question …
i use cloudform to provision some VM but each time the VM was provisionned successfully but in mode : Thin/dependance …
i would like able to force to use Clone mode … ( i have check in the documentation but it’s write :
" If Native Clone is selected, select Linked Clone to create a linked clone to the virtual
machine instead of a full clone. This is equivalent to Thin Template Provisioning in Red
Hat Virtualization. Since a snapshot is required to create a linked clone, this box is only
enabled if a snapshot is present. Select the snapshot to use for the linked clone. "

i don’t have snapshot so that mean it would be a clone … no ?
have you some idea / experience about that …
i’m in release 5.9.2 of cloudform…

thank you