Import Datastore via git



I am testing an Import datastore via git in manageiq euwe. The manual import works well for me but I wanted to ask you if there is some automated way to set datastore import via git. E.g via webhook or scheduled task?



@mkanoor Can you help out here?


We have a REST API that can be called from a Git hook to update the domain with newer contents.This only works for updates and not for creation of a new Automate Domain.

The REST API refresh_from_source can be called from a git hook when changes have been merged.

POST /api/automate_domains/SampleDomain
“action”: “refresh_from_source”


We use Github in private mode. Could you send me how to configure a Payload URL in github webhook and store user and password for access to a github repo in manageiq?



We currently don’t have a working example for doing a refresh from GitHub Webhooks. Our REST Api that kicks off a domain refresh is not compatible with the payload being sent by GitHub. For each GitHub event there is a custom payload that is generated by GitHub. We haven’t found a way to set our specific attributes in the payload that our REST Api could use. We are still researching this I will post updates shortly.