IPA Client configuration failes


Hey there,

i have a little question for the ipa-client.

We want to configure the external httpd authentication but it failed with the error:

Configuring IPA (may take a minute) ...
Configuring the IPA Client ...
Configuring pam ...
Configuring sssd ...
Configuring IPA HTTP Service and Keytab ...
ipa: ERROR: 2.156 client incompatible with 2.49 server at
Failed to Configure External Authentication - /usr/bin/ipa exit code: 1

External Authentication configuration failed!

But this is not the question…

my question is: we had a corresponding CF Version installed, they has nearly exactly the same version of the ipa-client rpm installed than the MIQ Appliance, but in CF the configuration works fine and was successful…

What is the difference between this 2 appliances ?

Can somebody help ?


@schmandforke can you tell us the exact versions of CF and MIQ appliances you are using?

@gtanzillo can you review this question and forward to a SME if necessary.


@jprause yeahr, i already checked it, the MIQ Version is capablanca-2 and the CF is 4.1 (5.6.0), so i tested the IPA Integration with an actual darga-2 release and it worked :slight_smile:


That’s awesome @schmandforke! I’m reading your response as the problem is resolved. :smile: