iSCSI datastore resized in rhv but cfme is not picking up the new size



I my lab/testing environment i resized a iscsi data domain and rhev4 picked the new lun size but in cloudforms 4.1 i am seeing the old size.

I removed the affected datastore form the infrastructure provider and refreshed relationships and power states. The datastore appeared again, but with the old size.

Under normal circumstances (which might not necessarily apply to my lab), does cfme/cloudforms pick up the new size of a iscsi datastore which have been resized without additional steps?



@rpo can you review this question from @Guillermo_Reartes and forward to a SME if necessary.



The iscsi lun re-size worked fine, there was no issue with the scsi resize.

There was a weird issue with the authentication (default credentials) of the infrastructure provider.

Some operations succeed but others failed even if the credentials were reported as invalid (they were valid). Also for some reason CloudForms wanted to use the port 5000/tcp. (instead of 443). If one removed the port, credentials were ok. But after saving they were always invalid. (and the port was set back to 5000/tcp)

I updated cfme, and also run engine-setup again.
It started to work now. The iscsi re-sized lun does show its new size.