Issues with get data from Openstack

I am trying to get data from Openstack but cannot sync it fully. I can see instances and images separately but not in dashboard. Also I cannot provision new instances.


Strange i got the same issue and less i got only “Cloud Volumes” i use the openstack with V2
Did you solve this issue ?
If i try with the keystone V3 i can’ t validate the login/password

@agrare Does this sound familiar to you?

If you can see the instances in the list of all instances but not on the provider dashboard it sounds like they are archived. Can you confirm this by going to the and selectors on the left side?

If that’s the case it sounds like maybe some permissions changed that cause you to no longer receive those objects, leading MIQ refresh to think they are deleted.

@aufi have you seen this before?

Yes you are @agrare it shows that the instances are archived , even for those which I am using now.

But not all images are archived

But still I cannot see any images in dashboard

I cannot even see the networks details in dashboard

It looks data cannot be loaded from OpenStack, I’d suggest switch to table view on the provider page and check refresh and authentication status (maybe evm.log file too for more information on possible error).

There is some error here