Kubernetes provider displays no info because of missing cluster-reader ClusterRole


Hi everyone, ManageIQ newbie here.

I have a remote k8s (not OpenShift) cluster and I want to manage it through ManageIQ.

I performed the steps described at the section` Prepare cluster for use with ManageIQ listed here. Notice how there is a ClusterRoleBinding to a ClusterRole called cluster-reader. Then I successfully added a corresponding k8s containers provider to ManageIQ:

The problem is that the dashboard reports 0 services, 0 nodes, etc…, and this of course is not correct, I do have services and associated pods running in the cluster:

I looked at the contents of /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/evm.log in the virtual appliance and found this message:

[----] E, [2018-06-21T10:06:40.397410 #13333:6bc9e80] ERROR – : [KubeException]: events is forbidden: User “system:serviceaccount:management-infra:management-admin” cannot list events at the cluster scope: clusterrole.rbac.authorization.k8s.io “cluster-reader” not found Method:[block in method_missing]

So what’s happening is that the ClusterRole cluster-reader is not defined in my cluster. I double checked with “kubectl get …” and could not find it. Bear in mind that I did not set up the cluster, I was only given access to it. Also, at the section Prepare cluster for use with ManageIQ I used to prepare the cluster to interact with ManageIQ (here)
, step nbr. 3 says:

But executing the listed command grants the cluster-reader cluster role to a subject of Kind User, not ServiceAccount. Again, I double checked with “kubectl get …” and that’s correct (only the relevant portion of the output is reported):


Is this normal?

I think one possible solution is to create cluster-reader manually, but I don’t know what are the permissions it grants or where to find the .yaml where it’s defined.

So does anyone have any helpful hints on how to solve this?


Same problem here, no info anywhere