I am trying to find out if there is enough MIQ users or developers in the DC metro region to organize a meetup and/or even a training.

Is anyone interested in meeting with other MIQ in this region? I can provide free training and meetup space.



I would love to see a meetup. There are some folks in the DC area that would probably be interested in participating - eh @nmehta ?



The Booz Allen Project Jellyfish team would be interested! Let’s discuss next week?

Derek Thurston


I am in.
-Patrick R. from RedHat.


Cox Automotive is willing to host a MeetUp event in Atlanta for MIQ.


So why don’t we start proposing dates for a first meet up?
Depending on the number of participants we could do it at Navteca’s office, at the end of the green line in Greenbelt, MD (not far from NASA GSFC)



I live in North Carolina but would be willing to drive up for something in DC/MD to meet people, etc.


I was thinking the 2nd week in December at this point. I could also offer up a Booz Allen office in Herndon, VA that could seat around 50-60 people with multiple screens, power, etc. Ramon, I’ll get in touch with you and let’s come up with a plan!


That’ll be awesome if Booz can host, your facility are much better than what I can offer.

My email is send me an email and I will send you my contact information to coordinate.




I’ve secured a space in our Herndon office on Dec 12th from 5pm to 9pm. If everyone is cool with that location and date, I’ll work out the details ASAP.



Derek - let me know if you need help getting the word out. I run the CloudDC Meetup which has over 500 members in the DC area. We can announce the event there if you like.



Are there ideas on potential discussion topics for the meetup?


Great question re: topics. There are quite a few potential ones. Given that BAH is hosting, we could address a couple:

  • latest roadmap developments
  • latest community news
  • Intro to Jellyfish with current roadmap


All, the meetup info is here:
Please note that we only have space for 50 people. Everyone must bring a valid government issued ID! As well, if you’re a foreign national, please register ASAP so I can get you through the security hoops! If you have something you would like to present please feel free to post that here!



Its been a while, are we going to do this again at some point? Lot’s has gone on since 2014!