MIQ VMware appliance upgrade howto


Hi All
Thanks for contribution in other forum threads on this upgrade subject, I am putting together following step-by-step google doc. Hope others can review and comment to catch my error.


Unknown Operating System on Openstack Provider

Be warned, my second attempt was not successful when doing a Fine-1-Beta2 to Fine-1 upgrade. See https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/issues/15267



If you want to migrate for a version to another, I think you should add:
bin/rake db:migrate
bin/rake evm:automate:reset

To ensure that you are using the latest changes.

Not sure, but doing bower update could be great too.


Thanks @LorkScorguar for the additional steps. As you can see I am not familiar with the big picture of miq using ruby rail MVC framework.


Thanks @tjyang for sharing…Is there anyway to upgrade from fine-4 to Gapri-3 ?



The changes between the twos are so much, not sure the bin/update main script can handle it.
Also I personally do not have this need to try (Fine-4 to Gapri-3) upgrade path.
I always do a VMWare snapshot when doing miq upgrade.

Sorry, not an answer to your question.


Actually I followed up this post for the migration but somehow the web is unavailable afterwards.
Anyway, Thanks for your hints :slight_smile:


You were advised to use bundle update instead of bundle install but section Upgrade from Gapri-4 to Gapri-5 still has bundle install. Is this intented?

Also I find a little hard to follow the doc. I want to do Gapri4->Gapri5 upgrade: should I read all the doc from beginning or only the section Upgrade from Gapri-4 to Gapri-5?


Hi @xian

In Gapri-x released, I added “bundle clean --force && bundle install” two lines after bin/update line.

Sorry I don’t remembers exact reason, it was from some googling on RoR topic. I think it was to fix the gem outdated messages I encountered after bin/update ruby script.

Hope miq developers can comment if “bundle clean/install” is still needed.