Name of G Release


With voting now closed, our next G-Release name of ManageIQ is: Gaprindashvili

  • Surya Shekhar Ganguly
  • Nona Gaprindashvili
  • Vugar Gashimov
  • Boris Gelfand
  • Efim Geller
  • Ernst Grünfeld

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Here is some background information on each of our candidates.


To all those picking Gaprindashvili, please reply to this post and type the name out 5 times (by memory, no cheating), and then change your vote accordingly :joy:


We can’t take Grünfeld either because you 7-bit ASCII dudes will uberize it to Grunfeld :-)))


I voted Gaprindashvili.
I will lobby my constituents to vote Gaprindashvili.
The only person we have to be mad at is the individual behind the emerald face that picks the options :laughing:

But there are also other reasons to vote Gaprindashvili:

  • first release named after a woman
  • “she is the strongest female player of her generation”


How can I like this post more than once???


Geller is the first Grandmaster from Odessa…


I vote to honor smart pioneering women like Nona Gaprindashvili every chance we get. Anything we can do to encourage half of the world’s population to pursue math, science, and technology benefits us all.


arghhh no Garpndashviliy I beg :laughing:


Gap Gap Gap Gap Gap


You forgot that she was the first female grandmaster! Also… apparently had a perfume named after her in the 70s (tmyk). More info here, for those interested:

That said, I actually did change my vote to Vugar Gashimov after learning about how long he had been struggling with a Brain tumor and how much he accomplished in the short time he had:

But it was honestly a toss up for me, and name length didn’t really play a factor… okay, I am probably lying a little…


I think there is a huge statement to be made by voting for such an important woman. As an aside - I like the sound of her name - and its not really that hard to pronounce (Not like “Euwe”!!!). Gap - Rin -Dash - Villi!! Vote Nona! Vote Today!!


He also had a doctorate in physical education. This sends a positive message to IT professionals everywhere, that even though you work in front of a keyboard, you can occasionally shave your neck and go exercise under that big round yellow thing, whatever it’s called.

EDIT: The Sun


Hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a stopGap release :grinning:


And now I need to change my vote to a name I can’t write or pronounce.

Gaprindashvili, my vote is yours.


/me closes eyes


yay, I can actually blind type in Colemak layout :smile: :keycap_star:

To all those complaining about length, can you offer shorter women grandmaster name starting with G?
Hmm, Valentina Gunina! Hey, why is she not listed?!

Anyway, Nona was first female GM, help women’s world champion for decade and half, and I’ve been planning my vote for her all through Darga, Euwe & Fine releases which didn’t really offer strong women candidates…

To all those who don’t see voting for one of 33 (!) women among 1541 GMs as an opportunity, this is your chance to vote for Valeriane Gaprindashvili instead :wink:


I voted for Gaprindashvili, obviously! And I encourage you all to make a statement by doing the same!


Wow! In 3 days, we have 104 votes cast. This is awesome considering we had a grand total or 97 votes for the F-naming poll. Our community is growing! Each release, we’ve seen these numbers grow!

Keep voting! and remember,…you can:
a - Change your vote if you so desire. (I did)
b - You can “write-in” a chessmaster,…as long as their name starts with a G.


Gaprindashvili. For reasons, plus I just want to see people misspell it.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”


Just a quick reminder: Votes entered by Friday, April 14th will be tallied and the name will be announced on Monday April 17th.

Only two days left, so vote now for the name of our next upstream release!


Voting is now closed for the naming of the G-Release Name!!!
Votes will be tallied and the name will be announced on Monday April 17th.