Network Problems



I got oVirt 4.2.6 + ManageIQ Gaprindashvili-6.
Most of the function working correctly, but there a bunch of problems/questions with Network.
They are 3 of them, and i can’t figure out, if they are connected …

First of all I can find’t the way to add new network interface to VM or to check added one.
Adding is not a big problem, as i can use automation, but what about Network Interface info, is it possible to get/change it from ManageIQ interface?

2nd thing.
Network Providers and oVirt Network Manager
I got "Unable to obtain a collection: ‘security_groups’ in a service: ‘neutron’ through API. Please, " All the time.
According to oVirt - “security_groups” is under “Released”.
I am not using it at the moment, but…

When i check network under Compute - Infrastructure -Host, I can see a HUGE number of interface under every network/VLAN.
Pay you attention on scroll on your right - yes it is that Big.
And there is only 2 interfaces - bond1 and ens2f0.