No capacity & utilization data has been collected


Hi, I am trying to evaluate MIQ (
fine-4.20180103143729_a5e507b) and currently have Hyper-V and VMware hosts added but I cannot for the life of me work out why I am getting no C&U data.

C&U coordinator, collector and processor roles are all enabled and I can see the C&U metrics Collector for vCenter workers are started but my cloud intel shows no data for nodes by CPU/Memory etc and the utilization item under monitoring for clusters and hosts is greyed out with the hover over showing the “No C&U data collected” message.

Struggling with troubleshooting this so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Having looked through the RedHat CFME docs I have now realised my error, in that C&U wasn’t actually enabled for the clusters.

Guess the MIQ docs could do with a bit of a beef up? At there are mutltiple references to “general configuration” yet no links to that documentation other than ones that return a 404, for example:


Glad to hear you worked out your issue @foobar

Can you open an issue in the repo for the missing documentation around C&U?



@foobar - I am in a similar situation, having added SCVMM to a MIQ instance and enabling the roles. I can confirm that the collector workers are started, and I have enabled collection for All Clusters. I added an EC2 cloud provider, and utilization data are being collected and displayed there, but still nothing for the Microsoft clusters. Anything else I might look at?


Checking upstream CloudForms documentation chapter 5.1.3, there is mentioned C&U is not available for MS SCVMM provider.
Not sure where to find the same on MIQ documentation, but it does not matter at the end.