OpenStack utilization data


we are using Capablanca / Darga integrated to OpenStack (Liberty, installed through PackStack).
I realize we don’t get Utilization data for instances runnig there. All C & U setting is done (roles enabled, collection for Clusters and Datastores enabled).

Is there any additional configuration required both on MIQ / OS sides to get openstack utiilization data?

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Hi @vmi,

When you add the OpenStack provider, you need to specify the AMQP (RabbitMQ) settings. For OpenStack packstack installs this defaults to username “guest”/ password “guest”. Try looking under the provider configuration; AMQP should be in the tab next to the provider credentials.

Additionally, try adding the following to all configuration files for your OpenStack services (eg; /etc/nova/nova.conf) and restarting all services:

Hope this helps.


Hi @jockey10,

thanks for advice. Proposed setting was done already before but CFME did not received any OpenStack instances utilization data.
Does getting of utilization data depends on any other parameter of both CFME / OpenStack side (eg. some hartbeat/poll interval)?

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Hi @vmi,

Can you please check whether your OpenStack deployment is capturing metrics?

SSH to OpenStack and source the appropriate user, then:

ceilometer meter-list to see the list of meters, then
ceilometer sample-list --meter <insert-meter> (eg; cpu_util)


Hi @vmi,

Did you have any luck with OpenStack telemetry?


Hi @jockey10,
sorry for so long delay in reply…

Although we did not found real root case, the issue was related to OpenStack deployment we had.

Finally we finished new OpenStack deployment (based on RHOSP 9) and finally utilization data are collected in CFME.

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