Orchestration Stacks (openstack HEAT)

I have troubles with my attempts to create service based on openstack heat orchestration template (hammer-4.20190329011451).

When I make an order, stack (with 2 VMs) gets successfully created on Openstack side and also in MIQ (but no VMs there). I get "Service K8S 1.11 (2 nodes)-… has been provisioned. " message. But there are no VMs under created service:

I am able to see such new stack in MIQ, but several fields (like Instances, Parameters…) are missing/empty

After some time later (not exactly sure how long, seems to me 1-2 hour) these fields get filled. But that is to late, because I need to tag VMs during provisioning. :slightly_frowning_face:

We use admin account for openstack integration and AMQP. I suspect that there may be a configuration issue on openstack side? I see some errors or warnings in log files, but not sure what is relevant - for instance warns in fog.log

I attached all my logs here. It is from my latest attempt after MIQ appliance restart
miq_logs.zip (326.7 KB)
Could anyone provide any hints?

Thank you very much

could be related to Openstack integration problem - [Bunny::ResourceLocked]: RESOURCE_LOCKED ?