Password data type input parameter on automate method



I want to use the password data type for input parameter on automate method.

For a string data type I can access the data like this:

var1 = $evm.inputs[‘snpw’]

For the password data type that doesn’t work. I’ve seen reference to decrypt for $evm.current.

var1 = $evm.current.decrypt(<attribute_name>)

This doesn’t seem to work for $evm.inputs? How can a reference / decrypt a password type input parameter?


@gmccullough could you remind me/us about this? It is a FAQ and I am sorry that I can’t remember it



we’re using String and Passwords fields like this:

hostname = $evm.object['hostname']
username = $evm.object['username']
password = $evm.object.decrypt('password')

this works in our environments…