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Today I was looking through some of the features of the new ManageIQ (euwe-3) and I noticed the topology view while watching a youtube video for cloud forums ( On this guys screen you can see vm’s , what look to be routers, providers etc etc … What my question is, is this functionality only available for cloud providers? We have VMware 5.5 and VMware 6.0 (not using VCloud stuff) … Ideally I’d like to have something similar to what they have going on here for management to have a pretty view to look at. at current I can only see the provider and the clusters attached to that provider… My first thought was to assign tags to build a relationship manually but this didn’t seem to have any impact on the the displayed topology. Any information pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.




that functionality is currently available for Cloud, Infra, Containers, Physcial Infrastructure, Middleware, Networks and also for some reason Container Projects :), with varying levels of detail.

The definition of that structure is relatively flexible, so you should be able to add any missing relationships - look in manageiq-ui-classic, in app/services/ you’ll see a bunch of *_topology_service.rb files… @included_relations is the interesting bit :).

Hope it helps!


Thank you for your prompt response. With your information I was able to locate the file and figure out that this was a bug (actually i’m a little disappointed in myself for not assuming that to begin with). Bug details can be found here:

Additionally in full transparency the file I edited to resolve the problem was /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/services/infra_topology_service.rb

and this is its configuration now:

hopefully this saves someone a few hours of their lives :slight_smile:



Aah, and fixed too :). Good to know, thanks!


Thanks to @captainlinky and @himdel for bringing up this issue. I thought topology view was for cloud providers only. I have more hours of life to explore other MIQ features.

Shouldn’t this fix be submitted as PR ?


Uh, the code @captainlinky posted seems to match the current master (± refactorings), so I assume the bug was fixed in that BZ (so and no other local changes were needed.

@captainlinky Am I wrong?


Yes. It is working and this thread can be closed.

This is on fine-1-beta2 vmware appliance. I was looking at wrong path.
See following correct path to get to topology overview under default Dashboard view.

I need to switch to summary view to get the equivalent path for AWS cloud provider.