Provisioning non-vm objects through CFME



We have a usecase where the client wants to manage his non-vm services through CFME.
The Client is a service provider. He provides services to his clients. non-vm Services are like - Network switch, Network racks, Storage space on SAS/SATA, etc.

Now in CFME, he wants below things:

  1. The end user should be able to see the different types of non-vm services the client is providing. We can add separate Service Catalogues for Switches, Racks, etc.
  2. Then he will be selecting the type and number of services he wants.
  3. Once he submits the request, the approval process will be started. On getting approvals, the request will be then sent to their IT Support team. This team will then manually launch the services and will close the request.

This is what I am thinking about the approach. Request you all to please correct me.

  1. We need to create Catalogs and Dialogs for separate Non-VM services.
  2. In the Service Dialogues, we will create the parameters as per client requirement.
  3. I am not sure how this thing should be configured in StateMachines part, as these services are not an actual VM.

The client basically wants a single pane of glass for managing all his infra.
He has his infra on VMware, AWS and Azure.
They own their own DataCenter and rent the services like network ports, rack space, etc. to their clients.

Can you please help me guide on the approach which needs to be followed.

Pushkar Mahakal
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