Quota check during dialog

Is there a way to get a users used quota during the dialog portion of a request? I would like to be able to show the user there current quota and possible even limit the flavors the user can select so they do have to submit a request that they don’t have quota for for it just to fail.

If you’re using tenant quotas then this should be quite simple, the current allocated/provisioned values are virtual columns on the tenant object, for example:

$evm.root['tenant'].allocated_memory = 48318382080   (type: Fixnum)
$evm.root['tenant'].allocated_storage = 498216206336   (type: Fixnum)
$evm.root['tenant'].allocated_vcpu = 23   (type: Fixnum)
$evm.root['tenant'].provisioned_storage = 546534588416   (type: Fixnum)

You might possibly be able to call/use the functionality of the existing System/CommonMethods/QuotaMethods/used method which does the calculations for the quota checking workflow. This is already doing the heavy lifting of finding out the existing usage, including checking in-flight provisions.

Hope this helps,