Reports in PDF format unavailable


I have a very small issue with ManageIQ, I have upgraded to the latest release in case it was a bug on the version I was running. I cannot seem to email any reports in PDF format, if I change the format to CSV or txt then it will email just fine. Furthermore to this if I open a report up in the console I do not see an option to download it as a PDF format, do I need to install an extra package for PDF support or is this old code that is still in the product?


Hi @marshcroft,

ManageIQ will detect the presence of Prince PDF support (, which will enable the PDF buttons and downloads. It is currently coded to work with version 9, so ymmv if you install the latest (I think version 10). If you have a license for Prince, the PDF files will not have the Prince watermark in them.

Hope that helps,


Good advice, thanks!