Sending alerts via snmp traps not working


I’m trying to send alerts using snmp traps to a another monitoring tool (check_mk), after configuring the alert to send snmp trap and add it to a profile (in my case it’s monitoring Openshift), I can see the alert event in /miq_policy/log , but the snmp traps doesn’t arrive to my server.
I’m monitoring the cloudforms server with tcpdump and no snmp trap is going out.


I’m not sure if this is available without a Red Hat login, but here is an old-but-useful document describing how to setup SNMP traps with the old ManageIQ EVM 4.x product. I think most of it is still applicable now.



Many thanks! I’ve followed the pdf (I had it), but I don’t get any messages.
I’m trying also with the email notifications, and it works for the test of email, but I cannot get any alert notifications, maybe I don’t get how to configure an alert for Openshift



  • Which manageiq version are you running?
  • Which openshift entity you’re trying to alert on, and on what condition? [Note confusing “Host / Node” which is UI name for hosts in virtual machines world vs “Node” which is container node :frowning: ]

The bad news is we never made sure Alerts defined in UI work for containers. If they do it’s accidental :flushed:. Anyway if UI allows their creation and they don’t work, that’s a bug!

Also keep in mind that ManageIQ alerts are based on data from inventory refresh, and current container refresh speed might be too slow for monitoring needs… Do you have an “acceptable time from problem to alert”?

We’ve been working on defining and computing alerts in Hawkular (and now working on similar in Prometheus), and making ManageIQ pull those. This approach will scale better (and trigger much faster), but is WIP, isn’t yet documented or quite ready for consumption…

cc @moolitayer


Sorry, I’m told this not precise, ignore this part.


I’m using the redhat version, cloudforms 4.5.
I’m testing the alerts with the “Container Operation: Replicator Successfully Created Pod”, the condition example i used is:

Provider.Management Events : Container Name CONTAINS “example”

when i do a new schedule for a container named switcher-example, I don t get any notification.

I’m also testing a policy wit the condition “Pod scheduled”, testing it with email, snmp and log message and I get nothing.