Spice console(RHEVM) doesn't work


Hello everybody!
May be, somebody faces with this problem:
Firstly, spice console “Connecting (encrypted) to: VM”, after three minutes of waiting - “Connection timeout”.
There is no error in logs.
Please, help me.


RHEV needs a deployed websocket proxy - are you sure it is there and running? did you try the same from RHEV’s UI?


I check, i can open SPICE-HTML5 console from RHEV’s UI .And websocket proxy is there and running


Oh, sorry. It was my problem with network setting. But, i should say one important thing: if you want to work with spice console in Manageiq, you should have access to RHEV-H and to ports of RHEV-H 5900-5999
All in all, thnx



it’s 5900-6923 (which covers at least 512 VMs on a host(SPICE console uses 2 ports, VNC 1)