Sync Vmware and ManageIQ tags (VM tags)



Hi all,

Please help me to find out how to solve Tags synchronization ManageIQ and Vmware ,
Does anybody has sync with ManageIQ and Vmware Tags ?

I have read AWS Tag Synchronization
which is 3 years ago published . so many things has been changed and maybe someone can point me to good documentation how to sync Tags ?

Maybe I can ask @carbonin to point me to right person ?

Tested in 2 different ways . 1. Created Vm in ManageIQ and assigned Tags ( which was not assigned in Vmware) . 2. Create Tag in Vmware and assigned to VM ( this vm in ManageIQ has no tags assigned to it )

So somewhere I miss sync configuration between ManageIQ -> Vmware



I’m not sure about this. @agrare would know if we pull in tag information from VMware inventory. If we don’t do any tag sync, maybe that’s a thing you could do through automate? @gmccullough should be able to point you in the right direction there.


Thank you @carbonin ! I appreciate your fast and awesome support .


Hey @kalinux, we talked about this and there is an RFE open [] but the client libraries from VMware to retrieve the tags from vSphere aren’t in a state where we can readily use them yet.


Hi @agrare,

Thanks for info . Then we have to postpone this discussion until Vmware build API logic for Tags.
Very satisfied how fast you guys reacting . Thanks a lot .!