The State of Gitter


For those who use IRC…have you used gitter’s IRC bridge?

I personally use it, but the experience is sub optimal - main things that
bother me:

  1. its not the same username as on web / mobile.
  2. you get github noise into the main chat - every comment, edit, push etc
    shows up as a message.
  3. every time someone edit’s a message, you get a copy with “new message” [
    edit ]

You can point your IRC client to there and the rooms appear as regular
rooms in IRC, so it’s one less client for you. I set it up a long time ago
to ensure it works, and it does, but don’t use it personally. I also put
together a POC of having the miq-bot comment to Gitter via the IRC bridge
and that worked as well.

thanks - regardless its useful…


I’ve tried it and it’s the same username, so this is surprising to me. If you follow the directions on, using the token and /nick command they give it should work.

This is because of the “integrations” (example screen shot below), which are of debatable usage…if they aren’t really helping anybody and are annoying for IRC users, I could see removing them.


I vote for staying with gitter. I like silencing all notifications except for direct mentions. Gitter is clunky at times without pinned messages, no ability to +1 a great message/joke/suggestion, and poor wide code snippet text support on mobile browsers, etc. It sometimes loses it’s mind and you have to reload the app, browser, etc but overall it’s value outweighs the flaws.

But search, notifications, travis/github integration, etc. work decently enough on gitter. It’s for instant conversations where a quick question can be answered by someone without flooding a mailing list with noise. You can choose which rooms to follow and as long as we all abide by the @mention people to bring them in when they’re needed, you shouldn’t miss interesting conversations.

Using gitter for important notifications frees people from checking email for a mailing list more than a few times per day. In addition, mailing lists become ridiculous to process with various ways to reply and snip prior entries.

IRC, while providing many of the benefits of gitter above, is not for everyone, and requires tinkering for even the simplest features such as history and code snippets. In addition, gitter works decently enough with just a web browser which all new users of manageiq have access to.