Tune Workers via CLI


I am trying to do some tuning on workers processes across a large environment, is it possible to manage this via the CLI with Ansible or similar?



What type of tuning are you describing? If it’s configuring memory thresholds, restart intervals, etc. for servers, you can take a look at tools/configure_server_settings.rb. See here.

I haven’t run it in a while, but you can configure each server by miq_servers table id for any server setting.

I had this in my history, I don’t know if this is completely correct but gives you an idea of what you can do:

vmdb # cd to vmdb directory;
./tools/configure_server_settings.rb -s 1000000000001 -p workers/worker_base/queue_worker_base/generic_worker/memory_threshold -v 1.gigabyte


This is exactly what I was looking for. I pulled this down from upstream into the CloudForms vmdb approot and got it working. Thanks!