Using service dialog element value in an Assertion in the Approval Statemachine?


Hey Everyone,

We extended our approval statemachine with a few states (AD checks, external change control, etc). We now have a “sandbox” use case, if the requester selects it, then the approval statemachine should be be skipped. Assertion is the way to go (I would say?).

‘${/#evm.root[‘miq_request’].options[:dialog][‘dialog_sandbox’]}’ == ‘Yes’

/ Service / Provisioning / StateMachines / ServiceProvisionRequestApproval

Seems like dialog/element based (or nested) values dont work (blank) in this statemachine? For example ‘${/#evm.root[‘miq_request’].options[:cart_state]}’ returns the value…



The leading ‘/’ in the assertion implies $evm.root, so try something like:

"${/#miq_request.options[:dialog]['dialog_sandbox']}" == "Yes"

Although if your dialog was a check box this returns ‘t’ or ‘f’ as values rather than “Yes” or “No”