VMWare Hostnames


Hi, I’m very new here. My company uses CloudForms on a fairly large scale so I know my way around it, but I have decided to setup MIQ on my cluster at home to try and learn more and try things in a non-production environment. I have 4 node vsan cluster at home with esxi 6.5. I got MIQ up and running this morning and mostly configured all though now there is much to do going forward. The first thing it told me is one of my hosts was non-contactable - and it was, network card is a little flaky gave me a change to take the host down and blow all the dust out of it anyway and it came back up fine.

Anway, my question is why are all my hosnames called localhost in MIQ? They have full DNS setup - I run a windows domain with AD integrated DNS and the vcenter has all the correct host names which is where I thought MIQ would get the names. I am going through and setting the hostname and validating credentials now, but just curious as to why it got localhost.xxxx.local for the domain names. Thanks, looking forward to learning much.




After you ssh login into miq appliace as root,
What is output from “ap”(/usr/local/bin/appliance_console) command ?