Voting on Name of F Release


Wow! We are up to 88 total votes. If you haven’t already voted,…choose a name for the F-Release above.

and remember Game 5 of the World Chess Championship takes place today, Nov 17, starting at 2:00pm


It will be a Fine release. I’m so excited!


When does voting close? CAN’T COUNT OUR :fried_egg:before they :hatching_chick::exclamation:


Voting closes Friday evening and results will be posted on Monday, Nov 21st.



:point_up: this. LET THE PUNS BEGIN!


That got my vote. Go Fine!


We all know this isn’t really a Fine vote. You’re voting against Fischer.


Update on Game 5 of the World Chess Championship going in in NYC between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin.

Game 5 ended just as the first four did, with a draw. This time, Magnus Carlsen, who was in trouble. Carlsen became complacent and erred with a misstep on move 41. This allowed Karjakin to sacrifice a pawn to gain enormous activity for his pieces. However, Karjakin missed the follow-up and the game settled back into strategic moves leading to a draw.

The players agreed to a draw after 51 moves and more than five hours of play.

Current Score (after Game 5):
Carlson - 2.5
Karjakin - 2.5

Game 6 takes place today starting at 2pm. If you plan on seeing the game in person or watching on-line, key members of the MIQ team will be in attendance. So keep your eyes open.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I really want Fischer, but I will love a Fine release if just for this image.


Agreed. I’m going to be disappointed if Fischer loses. My 10 year-old self looked up to him even though my X1 year-old self doesn’t in the slightest. But I guess I’ll be fine either way…


Also, Fine in Italian means “the end” (Fi-NE). :slight_smile:


So everything is fine?


The final results should be posted shortly,… :slight_smile:


and here are the results:

Thanks to all that participated! It will be a FINE Release! :wink:


The election was rigged!!