2 VMs with shared Disks


Environment is Ovirt and ManageIQ ivanchuk-1.20190911174726

End Goal…
Service Catalog that would provision a 2 node cluster with 8 shared disks between the VMs.

How far I’ve gotten…
I was able to modify this pemcg script and add multiples of them as a inline methods to create shareable disks. I use the built in service catalog for cloning from templates so my current setup is 2 node cluster with each VM having 4 shareable disks.

ManageIQ Side

Ovirt Side

Where I need help…
I’m struggling to figure out where in the automation methods I could/should create a new method to pull the VMs that were created, how to then get the disk information from the VMs, then attach those disks across each VM.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


Checkout the ovirtsdk4 versions of the add_disk scripts in that repo (you can import add_disk_rhv_42_cf_46_ovirtsdk4.zip as an automate domain).

It looks like they save the disk id for future use, but also the oVirt SDK is definitely the way to go now with RHV or oVirt automation from ManageIQ.