About PXE issue

I am using vmware. My kiskstart is Centos6.5.
I’ve been on a linux server installed pxelinux, and I config ManageIQ–infrastructure–PXE. how to start provision a VM from PXE?

Fix you will need to add your pxe server to MIQ. Section and then
provide your kickstart files as customization templates 3.1.5.CustomizationTemplatesforVirtualMachineandInstanceProvisioning.

Now when you provision from the lifecycle tab you can select PXE after selecting the template. Select your PXE Server and PXE Image then you will select your customization template.

Thangks. But I start provision a host from pxe, pending in request status? How to sovle it?

Is the host provision occurring in a zone that has the automate role enabled?