(Access control) New role editing?

How can I add or remove features from a role when all I can do is expand the feature tree? The manual shows checkboxes next to the items, but it or some other form of selection is not available.
I am using Botvinnik and I have tried both Firefox as well as Chrome.

What user are you logged in as? You need to be logged in as admin to edit the roles. (I’ll get a Botvinnik instance running, but please respond with what user you are logged in as.)

logged in as admin (super-administrator)

Looks like this is a bug in the editor @dclarizio? @egv can you open a issue on this?

Created https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/issues/3568

I believe that you can only create new roles or copy an existing one and THEN edit it. You can not edit the default roles. @dclarizio can you confirm?

@marigold2048 yes, provided roles are read only, selecting edit results in a flash message.
@egv Are you on Botvinnik or actually running our master branch? I change was recently introduced that removed all of the tree icons (arrows, checkboxes, etc) so we are working on fixing that. I wasn’t aware that the problem exists in Botvinnik.

Off the master to be precise.

This issue has been fixed in https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/pull/3578