Access Service Dialog Variables in cloud-init

I have created a service and the catalog items to go along with it. When the user provisions a catalog item they are presented with a custom service dialog that prompts them to select a value from a drop down. I need to access the value that they selected in this drop down in my cloud-init customization template. How is this done? I know that you can access $evm.root but I don’t know where to find the service dialogs. Thanks.

Here is an example Cloud-INIT, it shows using variables from the workspace. All dialog values are prefix automatically with “dialog_” so evm[:dialog_attributeName] would be a good start.


  • echo “color=”<%= evm[:ws_miq_custom_attributes][:color] %> >> ~/run.txt
  • echo “application=”<%= evm[:ws_miq_custom_attributes][:application] %> >> ~/run.txt
  • echo “tweeter=”<%= evm[:ws_miq_custom_attributes][:tweeter] %> >> ~/run.txt
  • echo “retirement=”<%= evm[:retirement] %> >> ~/run.txt
  • echo “provision_request_id=”<%= evm[:id] %> >> ~/run.txt