Access to provision dialog options in Service Catalogs Automation

Hi guys!
I have several problems with automation. I’m trying to create service catalog according to the documentation. But I can’t change any provisioning parameters (memory or VM name). Steps I’ve made:

  1. I’ve create service dialog with the parameter
  2. I’ve create the method processing this parameter
  3. I use method in state machine for service provisioning.
  4. I’ve create Catalog Bandle with template.
    I need to change provisioned vm_name in this case in Factory / Service / CatalogProviderSelect method that attached to clone_to_service State Machine.

My method are:

#            Automate Method
$evm.log("info", "Automate Method Started")
#            Method Code Goes here
$evm.log("info", "===========================================")  
$evm.log("info", "Listing ROOT Attributes:")
$evm.root.attributes.sort.each { |k, v| $evm.log("info", "\t#{k}: #{v}")}
$evm.log("info", "===========================================")

stp_task = $evm.root["service_template_provision_task"]
$evm.log("info", "===========================================")  
$evm.log("info", "Listing task Attributes:")
stp_task.attributes.sort.each { |k, v| $evm.log("info", "\t#{k}: #{v}")}
$evm.log("info", "===========================================")

id = stp_task.miq_request_id.to_s[-3,3]

dialog_Department = $evm.root['dialog_Department']
$evm.log("info","User selected Dialog option = [#{dialog_Department}]")
stp_miq_request_task = stp_task.miq_request_task
$evm.log("info","(parent) miq_request_task:  = [#{stp_miq_request_task}]")
stp_miq_request_tasks = stp_task.miq_request_tasks
$evm.log("info","(children) miq_request_tasks count:  = [#{stp_miq_request_tasks.count}]")

stp_miq_request_tasks.each do |t|

#  service = t.source
#  service_resource = t.service_resource
  vm_name = nil
  case dialog_Department
  when "ITD"
   vm_name = "SRV-ITD-" + "#{id}"
   $evm.log("info","Setting SAG Depatment")
  when "RND"
   vm_name = "SRV-RND-" + "#{id}"
   $evm.log("info","Setting RND Department")
   $evm.log("info","Unknown Dialog type - setting Dialog options here")
  $evm.log("info"," Setting dialog for: #{t.description}")
  $evm.log("info","Get Current VMNAME: #{t.get_dialog_option('vm_name')}") unless vm_name.nil?
  $evm.log("info","Get Current Memory: #{t.get_dialog_option('memory')}") unless vm_name.nil?
  t.set_dialog_option('vm_name',vm_name) unless vm_name.nil?
  $evm.log("info","Set vm_name for provisioning: [#{vm_name}]")

$evm.log("info", "Automate Method Ended")
exit MIQ_OK

I can not perform set_dialog_option method as described in this chapter, because no provisioning dialog options are available (memory, vm_name) at the time of execution of my method…

There is a automation.log: