ACS Kubernetes - don’t get metrics


I have successfully added my Kubernetes cluster to MIQ as a container provider.
In the overview of the provider, I can see the number of pods, projects, images, nodes… but not the metrics like cpu, mem, nw usage.

Is there something that I need to activate?


Hello all,
Same here,

we try to plug prometheus for metrics on 3 of our clusters kubernetes 1.10 container providers, and dont succeed in collect data. The auth seems ok, the collect says it’s ok, but no data, dans in the logs, lot of warnings like : ContainerManager::MetricsCapture#perf_collect_metrics) Metrics missing: [Container(221)] [#ManageIQ::Providers::Kubernetes::ContainerManager::Container:0x000000000d3998f8 prometheus-config-reloader] No data in response
we have prometheus v2.2.1Revision|bc6058c81272a8d938c05e75607371284236aadc
manageiq provisionned this morning on docker with latest.
I activated the 3 C&U options,
any idea ?
thanks a lot