Add cloud provider

Hi, I glanced manageiq image in openstack, and after that i click on cloud tab and add my provider in. i enter my ip address of controller node , user and pass. the credential is okay. but when i click on refresh tab, i get this error in Last Refresh section: “undefined methods ‘directories’ for nill:NilClass” . i don’t know how to configure my cloud providers, i need help to configure it and know the configuration before or after adding providers…
thanks for your reply

Hi @masha,

Thanks for trying out ManageIQ!

We have a patch for your issue. Here’s the Pull Request in github that fixes this problem:

Please let us know if that helps and gets you running!


thanks @blomquisg
I downloaded manageiq from this link:, how can i pull this request in github to my manageiq-openstack-stable.qc2?

Hrm, I’m sure a lot has changed since then…

You could try doing the following:

  1. ssh into your appliance
  2. goto the lib directory
    #> cd /var/www/miq/lib
  3. download the patch file
    #> wget
  4. Attempt to apply the patch
    #> patch -p3 < 4088.patch

The main problem is that it’s likely the code inside the lib/openstack/openstack_handle/handle.rb file has changed, so the patch file may not apply cleanly (if at all).

If that’s the case, you may need to manually patch the file manually (i.e., open it up in your favorite command line based editor and find the changed lines and copy them in).

The other problem is that it’s possible that patch isn’t even installed on the appliance. If that’s the case, you should definitely install it. And, please let me know if that happens, because, that’s a bug in the appliance in my mind.

Try the patch approach first. If that fails for any reason, let me know (and copy the errors here so we can help out as best as possible). And, heck, let me know if it succeeds too. I’m flying a bit blind here because I don’t have that specific version of the appliance available to validate the steps above.

Good luck!


I had a similar issue before and I made a workaround.

I created a new admin user (ex. admin2) and used it as the credentials in MIQ. Works perfectly.

@blomquisg, thanks and sorry for my delayed answer, your instructions solved my problem. the patch approach changed the handle.rb file. my instances is recognized in manageiq…
@vlad, thanks.