Added repository is not visible on manageiq


Using a GCP appliance instance of Manageiq. I have enabled embedded ansible and added a new repository. But the added repository is not listed and displayed on manageiq UI.

The embedded ansible installation is a bit more complicated than other roles, because it installs some sort of modified AWX in the background.
If you cannot add a repository, I would guess you check if your installation was successful (i.e. if the ansible services run) and if there are any logs in vmdb/logs and ``/var/log/tower`

There have been a couple of threads regarding embedded ansible installation in the forum, so the search might be helpful once you find the exact problem

(disclaimer: I didn’t do the embedded ansible installation myself, I have no idea what I am talking about :wink: )

Since I am using a GCP instance, I have no way to ssh into the appliance and check logs.
I see the embedded ansible services are running.


Any help with manageiq appliance on GCP will be highly appreciated.

You should need to raise the ansible roles to the Primary.


You should in see some logs in Configuration > Diagnostics > Server > CFME Log
However I guess it will be difficult to troubleshoot the problem without SSH access

I would guess your problem isn’t with the embedded Ansible Role (the ManageIQ part that talks to AWX), but with the installation of the modified AWX
I think the Embedded Ansible Role can be active, even if the AWX service it connects to is down

how can we raise the ansible role to primary

how to see if AWX service is running or not ?

I haven’t done the EmbeddedAnsible installation myself, I just know it was a pain in the a**