Adding Azure provider

Is there a document which explains how to add Azure? I’m looking at the Red Hat CloudForms doc but there appears to be some discrepancies. For instance, it says

For CloudForms, the basic process is that the CloudForms server is registered with the central Azure Active Directory instance (not your organization’s Active Directory instances). This generates a tenant ID, a client ID, and a client key which uniquely identify the CloudForms server.

Now, I understand that CloudForms is, for all intents and purposes, ManageIQ, but maybe they are different enough for this to not be applicable.

Following this is a link to the doc explaining how to authenticate to AD. Unfortunately, this isn’t really clear and does not actually explain how to perform this authentication which is supposed to generate the tenant ID, client ID, and client key. In fact, it doesn’t even mention that an API Management service has to be created before any of this can work.

It seems like a chicken/egg thing. I have to authenticate the ManageIQ server to Azure in order to generate a tenant ID, etc but I can’t authenticate to Azure without a tenant ID, etc. The MS doc linked to by the Red Hat doc is for generating a token but there is no mention of where a token should be placed in the configuration nor is there a field for it.

I’m at a loss here. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


at Azure portal you need to create Service Principal account. Nice guide is here -
Credential mentioned within this guide are required for ManageIQ / CFME.

Hope it helps,

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Our own Jeffrey Teehan put together this nice video that should help:

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Thanks. That video worked a treat. I’m able to authenticate now.

Just need to figure out the new error I’m encountering (New topic posted under “Support” so as to not muddle this thread).

4 years later I’m having trouble at the same spot. If I can figure out the solution I’ll post it here.