Adding Custom events

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There is any (documented) way to add external events on MIQ/Cloudforms?

EG: Detect Tenant Creation on OSP



If you configured notifications for keystone then you can catch this events from miq side like other events such for nova ‘compute.instance.create.end’

Yeah but this one that I said does not exists in the data model of MIQ, How could I add more than already exists?

You mean that keystone-related message does not exist in /System/Event/EmsEvent/OpenStack ?

Correct! :slight_smile:

I have ‘identity.project.created’ on CFME 5.8.1. Maybe this is what you are looking for? In any case, you can create any message that you need by simply adding an instance with the appropriate name.

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Wooo, ok, on automation context seem that I was looking for, but how this looks like on Control > Events menu?

Hm, I does not use this peace of MIQ, but may be your task can be solved by automation ?

There’s a brief description on adding non-standard events in the section Extending Automate Event Handling here:

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Thanks Peter and Igor, I think that this will be enough ;).

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