Adding new fields to provisioning dialogs

I am trying to add fields for puppet configuration to the provisioning dialog when creating a new VM. I set up the automate datastore with a provisioning profile that uses the dialog I am working with. I am trying to add the new fields under a new tab. I can see the new tab when I try to provision a new VM, but none of the fields show up. Here’s the relevant part of the dialog configuration:

    :description: Puppet
          production: Production
          test: Test
          dev: Development
          puppetdev: Puppetdev
        :description: Puppet Environment
        :required: true
        :display: :edit
        :data_type: :string
          v3: 3.X
          v4: 4.X
        :description: Puppet Version
        :required: true
        :display: :edit
        :data_type: :string
    :display: :show

Any clues on what I am missing would be appreciated.

Field are not automatically displayed in the provisioning dialogs. You have to add them to the views to be visible.

Hopefully this PR where resource_group was added to the dialog and views will help:

I’d like to avoid modifying the files that come with the manageiq distribution if possible. Perhaps I should create a service dialog and add a stage when making the provisioning request? Would that be the recommended way of going about this?

Yes, if you do not want to add this to the codebase then customizing through service dialogs would be your next best choice.

I am looking to do something similar too. I’d like to add a dilog or fields during the provision dialog step before submitting the request that allows users to assign a Chef Role a server. I have a method and service dialog and buttons that prepopulate a list of roles from the ramrexx/cloudforms_chef repo. How do I create a stage to have the user set this value before submitting the request to automate?