Adding new Operating Systems to ManageIQ for Reports/Configuration

I am using a mixed VMware/Ovirt environment with a large number of Oracle linux 5.x/6.x/7.x VM’s.
These show up as “?” in the VM’s page and ol_"X"x64 in the reports. I would like to create an icons and proper name associations for these VM’s to get them on par with CentOS/RHEL/Windows

Hi @Kent_Ritchie Welcome! If you’re interested in contributing, we’d be happy to have it!

There are 2 ways that os info comes into the system. Most providers can tell us what it thinks the OS is. Depending on the provider, the code is different, but @agrare might be able to help you narrow down anything in there.

The other way we get OS info is through smartstate analysis. This tends to be more accurate as we parse the filesystem files directly. The file you are looking for is probably this one - . This is the code used by smartstate to determine the distribution by looking at /etc/*-release.

Either way, once the data is stored in the tables, there is some normalization that happens in the OperatingSystem model, in these methods - . In particular, the image_name method is what determines the icon, which are located here:

Hope that gets you started!

Thank you. I will take a look at that code. We are currently running ManageIQ using read-only accounts right now just to get some real data to play with and I think that would likely break the smartstate feature set, but I will give it a try in my lab.