Adding New Repositories


I’m new to ManageIQ so apologies if the answer to this question is a simple one. I’ve setup the ManageIQ container and i’m attempting to add a new repository via Automation -> Ansible -> Repositories however, the ‘Add New Repository’ menu item is greyed out. How do I activate it? Am I missing something?

Any and all help appreciated.

You’ll need to setup Embedded Ansible with AWX or Ansible Tower on your appliance first. See the following topics:

Embedded Ansible using AWX

[HowTo] Setup Embedded Ansible

Not really user-friendly process at the moment (unlike in CloudForms).

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@Automation_Account You should be able to just enable the role on newer builds as described in Embedded Ansible using AWX, but that’s only true of appliance builds.

We run AWX using docker containers on the appliance directly so this is not likely to work using the ManageIQ docker container.

Thank you for your response. Does this feature work out of the box with CloudForms?

The appliance options isn’t an option for us, unfortunately. Hence using the container version. Thank you for your response. Much appreicated :slight_smile:

It does, but I have not tried the container version, it is a tech preview only.
You could also use AWX in a container as an external Tower provider.

if you are using appliance version make sure you have internet access on the appliance.