Adding OpenStack cloud provider causes 401 Unauthorized in evm.log

Hello Community,

I’m having trouble getting ManageIQ to connect to my OpenStack environment and I’m looking for some help.

OpenStack cloud provider will not populate in ManageIQ. vCenter 5.5 provider populated immediately after creation. Getting 401 Unauthorized errors in ManageIQ evm.log using same credentials that are used in OpenStack dashboard. Are these not the credentials I should to be using?

New install of OpenStack (OSP5) functioning through Horizon dashboard. New install of ManageIQ from latest OVA deployment (anand-1.20140924181100_ea4c62a) into existing vCenter 5.5 environment.

Logged into ManageIQ dashboard and successfully added Infrastructure-Provider for vCenter. Provider started populating almost immediately. Tried the same with Cloud-Provider for OpenStack but nothing populates. Getting 401 Unauthorized errors in evm.log. Using admin user credentials from OpenStack in ManageIQ.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks for all help.

Here’s an example of the errors I see

[----] E, [2014-09-24T22:36:19.648742 #7025:103c004] ERROR – : excon.error #<Excon::Errors::Unauthorized: Expected([200, 204]) <=> Actual(401 Unauthorized)

Hi @ferraro,

We’ve seen this 401 error before, but it’s proven to be innocuous and a red herring. We still haven’t tracked down what the root cause is, but it appears to be in how we attempt to gather information from different tenants.

In the end, it definitely hasn’t prevented any inventory collection.

Can you scan the logs again and look for other errors? If you can find a different error, I might be able to point you to some patches we’ve made recently that can help.


I am getting a very similar issue. I am unable to validate my Openstack provider (default params fail, AMQP work):

[----] W, [2015-05-04T21:29:30.203994 #12468:e1a014] WARN – : MIQ(EmsOpenstack.authentication_check) type: [nil] for [4] [eduardo] Validation failed due to error: [Unexpected response returned from system, see log for details]

I have to openstack deployements (Juno and Icehouse) and I am using the Anand MIQ version.

fog.log says:
[----] E, [2015-05-04T15:16:16.017967 #22953:5bf810] ERROR – : excon.error
Excon::Errors::Timeout: connect timeout reached

But I can reach keystone with curl ok.

it could be related to something I’ve hit before …

I’m going to give Kilo once I have it setup a try, passing on Juno Keystone for now, as there is more enhancements I need with Kilo (HMT Tenant) etc.