Adding several VMs in an existing service

I don’t find in the documentation examples where provisioning a service with multiple vms.

There are examples of provisioning multiple VMs without services, or provisioning a new service with 1 vm inside.

I was wondering:

  • what fields/options should i set to provision multiple vms in service context
    (i know that i will have to move them in another existing service after that)
  • how this would work: the service provisioning service would be called multiple times, or a single time?

Hi @gquentin
Currently you can use number_of_vms parameter in service dialog to provision more vms during one service request. This paramater translated to dialog_number_of_vms and used to create related provisioning task for each VM:

For day2 operations such add new vms to existing service I use service_guid parameter in service_dialog. After provisioning new vms is attached to service with selected guid.

It looks like service_guid is an undocumented parameter?

@gquentin it is just attribute of miq_provision_task for VM. I found it during debugging of workflows.