After registering the cloud provider, How long does it take for ManaqeIQ to get instance information?

After I register a cloud provider, ManageIQ doesn’t get the instance information quickly.
Sometimes, after a day, ManageIQ doesn’t get the instance information.
How Can ManageIQ Quickly Get Instance Information?

It should be within minutes.

You can try configuration->refresh.

Else, turn on debugging and check the logs for errors.

@spicoli9000 is correct, once the authentication is checked and verifies successfully (which it looks like yours has) the Refresh Worker should start up and start the refresh within a minute. Depending on how large your environment is (and if you’ve enabled e.g. get public images) the refresh can take a few seconds to many minutes.

You can check if the Refresh Worker is started by running bundle exec rake evm:status from your appliance from /var/www/miq/vmdb. There are a number of reasons why the worker might not start up, typically resource constraints.